Real estate can be the catalyst to economic recovery post COVID-19.  It is staggering the impact one real estate transaction can have on the economy.   The graphic below shows just that!  



Experts from the National Association of Realtors report:  With so many unknowns today, especially in the wake of a worldwide pandemic, one known factor is the bright spark the housing market can play in local and national recovery. Buying and selling a home goes well beyond personal growth and satisfaction – it supports our economy as a whole.
Many of our clients have realized during this quarantine that either 
(1) their current house doesn’t provide enough inside or outside space or
(2) they don’t need as much as they currently have.  Are you one of them?  
We are also seeing more people interested in second home opportunities within driving distance  … you can get to your retreat/safe haven by car.  Is this you? 
If you are interested in making a move to downsize, upsize or purchase a safe haven for your family, we are here to help you.  Also the investment/rental market is strong … so many opportunities to build wealth through real estate today, especially with the low interest rates.
Just hit reply or give us a call!  We can coach you through the process and the best approach in today’s climate.