While the market is shifting, many still consider it to favor sellers. However, many affordably-priced homes are still moving quickly.

In EBR, 50% of homes priced right and in the proper condition are selling in less than 90 days! 

What are the two main criteria to consider: 

  1. Pricing

Often, the reason a listing isn’t moving is due to poor pricing. Setting the right price is one of the most important factors of selling a home. Often sellers will set a price based on emotional value instead of looking at the actual value.

To make sure you’re pricing in the right bracket, review comparable listings in your area. You should also see what previous homes have sold for to make sure you’re not overpricing. And as we recommend at The KeyFinders Team, review current consumer behavior for those under contract.  This tells us what the current consumer is buying, and gives us current insight into the market! 

While it is possible to reduce the price as the home sits on the market, prospective buyers may think there’s something wrong with it and avoid it altogether. Instead, your best bet is setting the right price from the beginning.  

  1. Listing Photos

Because the majority of real estate sales start online, listing photos are usually the first thing prospective buyers will see. In fact, 86 percent of buyers believe viewing a property online is the most useful part of their home search. If the pictures don’t present the home positively, viewers will automatically exclude it from their search. This is why we hire, on your behalf, a professional photographer to make sure you are getting the highest quality pictures for your listing.  Which we do!!! 

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so these photos are important to get it right the first time.  Pre-inspections and staging vacant properties enhance the showing experience also … and a possible sale! 

We love how national research reinforces what we do every day to guide our clients to properly marketing their property and increasing the opportunity of obtaining a buyer! 

Afterall, that is what we all want!!  For our professional guidance, give us a call!  And we will help you get it sold … in the shortest amount of time at the right price!